8 Minutes
Posted on October 3rd, 2011 by Grim

So rooms at the Marriott went up for grabs at 8:00 AM this morning.  Just out of a sense of curiosity, I tried to snag a room at 8:08. (1 bed, 1 person)

But reports from those who did manage to get a room say that the Passkey site worked much better this time around.

Let’s sum up…

  • 8 Minutes
  • 2200 Rooms
  • Sold Out 11 months in advance.

EDIT:  As of 8:30 AM…

The Sheraton and the Westin still have rooms, but I wouldn’t count on them lasting much longer.  After that, you’ll have to hunt for overflow hotels or pray that something opens up on the D*C Rooms site.