Finding the Track
Posted on August 30th, 2011 by Grim

Did you visit the MMO Track room last year at Dragon*Con? Good, then you pretty much know where to find us since we’ll (mostly) be in the same place again this year: Savannah 1-3 in the Sheraton. In addition to our main track room, we will also be in a couple or three ballrooms (also at the Sheraton) and a small track room (again, in the Sheraton) and one costume contest over in the Marriott (also in the Sheraton… umm… no, in the Marriott). Since Dragon*Con is in FIVE host hotels, we thought it would be good to provide a few maps with some directions on how to find us.

First off, if you are looking for the MMO Track and you are not in Atlanta at Dragon*Con during the weekend of September 2nd through the 5th, the following instructions won’t matter because you are either in the wrong city or here on the wrong weekend. But assuming you are in Atlanta on the proper weekend and are looking for the MMO Track, the majority of the weekend you’ll find us at the Sheraton hotel.

Dragon*Con Ground Zero

The Five Host Hotels of Dragon*Con

Once you find the Sheraton, finding the MMO Track is easy. Our main room is the Savannah room. If you enter the Sheraton through the main entrance, make an immediate right and head past the shop (or stop at the shop if you want a soda or some gum). Keep going down the hall, you’ll pass several rooms on your right and eventually come to the elevators and bathrooms, make a left here and the Savannah is the first, second and third room on the left.

Additionally, we will be making use of the Piedmont room, which is one floor up from the Savannah. On the same floor is the Grand Ballroom, where several of our larger panels will be – such as The Guild Q&As.

And of course, our biggest events and parties will take place in the Capitol Ballroom, on the bottom floor, one below our regular track room. Of course, you should be familiar with the Capitol Ballroom if you’ve been to Dragon*Con in the last couple of years or even once you attend this year because the Capitol is where Registration is, where you get your badge. Don’t let the possible hours you spend in line there keep you away from our party though. We’ll also be running one event in the Atlanta Ballroom this year, which is right next door to the Capitol.

The Sheraton Hotel

The Mighty Sheraton!

The one time this weekend you’ll find an MMO Track panel not at the Sheraton will be the WoW Costume Contest, which will be located in the Marriott hotel in rooms A601-A602. It’s a large double room on the restaurant level on the opposite side of the elevators from the bar, near the “other” escalators.

The Marriott Hotel

The Marriott lobby is made of people!

So now you know where to find us, and knowing is half the battle (the other half is split between red lasers and blue lasers), there are no more excuses.