Posted on August 26th, 2011 by Grim

Dragon*Con is a convention by fans, for fans. It has dozens of tracks full of interesting panels on almost any subject imaginable. Just walking around the con you’ll see a wide variety of people in all sorts of costumes, some purchased, some exquisitely handmade, some almost horrifically homemade, and everything in between. But everyone knows that the parties at Dragon*Con are a large part of the draw.

Saturday night at 10 PM in the Capitol Ballroom, the MMO Track will be hosting its annual party The Gathering of Heroes. Come as you are, or dressed as your favorite character – the awesome thing about MMOs these days is that in some corner of the Internet there is bound to be one for every interest. We’ll have a bar and music, as well as prizes and other entertainment.

Then on Sunday, we host a party of a different sort. Plucked out of the plethora of MMOs, the Kingdom of Loathing Party is a different beast altogether. Show up for the costume contest, stick around for the nerdy music, games and a chance to meet the developers. Last year we held this party in the track room, but it proved to have grown too big, so this year we’ll be in the Capitol Ballroom starting at 10 PM.

Basically, if you want to come party with us, and you should want to come party with us, just show up to the Capitol Ballroom of the Sheraton at 10 PM on Saturday or Sunday or BOTH!