What Else Is there?
Posted on August 23rd, 2011 by Grim

Would you like to see the latest trailers produced by studios for their upcoming MMO games? We’ve got a Coming Attractions panel on Saturday at 11:30 AM in the Savannah room.

Or perhaps you are more interested in fan made videos… If machinima is your thing, at 8:30 AM on Saturday in the Savannah room, Romily will be running two and a half hours or so of Saturday Morning Cartoons to start off the day. And return to Savannah at 7 PM that night to see a whole lot more Machinima. Then come back on Sunday at 4 PM for a Q&A with Oxhorn, one of the big names in WoW Machinima.

Not every game launched is a success, and even the best successes have their missteps and bungled moments. Come and Join Krystalle and Kevin, Friday at 10 AM in the Savannah room, as they snark their way through a history of embarrassing moments in the MMO universe in Epic Fails and Flops.

Juggling your desire to game and your desire to keep your significant other around can be like tap dancing through a minefield. Kevin Stallard and SOE’s Linda Carlson are here to help you out with How to Avoid ‘Spouse Aggro’ on Friday at 2:30 PM in the Piedmont.

We’ll be hosting our annual Ask the Experts: MMO Roundtable on Friday at 4 PM in the Piedmont. Come and pick the brains of industry professionals Brian Green, Michelle Menard, Richard Garriott, and Linda Carlson with your burning questions about the MMO business. Ask thought provoking questions about design! Ask intelligent questions about business! Ask intriguing questions about the future of the market! Or just come and ask any random question that pops into your head.

We couldn’t get the guys from Rift to come this year, but we’ll be having a little Rift Fan Meetup at 8:30 PM Friday in the Savannah room. It’ll be a short Q&A on all things Rift followed by a chance to mingle with your fellow Rift players.

Our panel of experts Stephen Johnston, Andrew Patton, Adam Trzonkowski, and Mike McGreevy will illustrate, through their own painful experiences how best to avoid the drama that is all but inevitable in MMORPG guilds. Guild Management – Taming the Drama Llama will be held in the Savannah on Sunday at 10 AM.

Our own Snarkcast isn’t the only MMO-related podcast out there. Shawn Schuster and Ness Creighton will highlight some of the other hidden gems out there in MMO Podcasting at 1 PM Sunday in the Savannah.

And last but most certainly not least, don’t forget to come for out MMORPG Trivia Contest. The 4th Annual Quest For the Bling Gnome is here. If you want to be immortalized on a statue of a Gnome that poops gold coins, this is your chance. Sunday at 7 PM in the Savannah, be there.