The Dragon*Con iPhone App is HERE!
Posted on August 22nd, 2011 by Grim

…and not a moment to spare, eh?

The Dragon*Con iPhone App has hit the iTunes store and is available for download.

The app contains:

  • A personalized event schedule with the ability to add your own unofficial events.
  • The official Dragon*Con schedule, kept updated by the lovely folks at the Daily Dragon. (Yes, you can find out about cancellations before you show up to the panel)
  • A list of guests and their bios.
  • The official Dragon*Con Twitter feed
  • The Daily Dragon!

No, I didn’t copypasta this from anywhere, this is just what I’ve found after playing with the app for a few minutes.  I believe the Android version is also ready, but since I don’t have an Android phone, I’ll defer to Larry on that.

And yes… it is free.