Behind the Curtain
Posted on August 19th, 2011 by Grim

As with everything at Dragon*Con, the MMO Track is for fans, by fans. We volunteer for this! And while we make all the decisions, we can’t always guarantee the we make the right ones. Monday is the last day of the con, and as the dealer’s rooms and exhibitor’s halls close and people are looking to exit their hotels, we use the afternoon to ask you what we can do better.

Making its first appearance this year (and possibly its last if it doesn’t go well) is Defending Your Game. Starting at 1 PM in the Savannah room, this is where you can make a case for your favorite game that we left off the schedule. Come and tell us why some game we didn’t feature with a panel of its own deserves one next year.

Once we’ve got the games out of the way, at 2:30 PM in the same room we’ll move on into comments on the panels we did run with the Post MMOrtem Survivor’s Gathering. Too long? Too short? Too boring? Too fast? This is where you can air your grievances about what you saw over the weekend, and while we may not agree with you, we will listen to what you have to say. We’ll even hear you out on suggestions for how to keep the track interesting all year long. Plus, this is a great time to actually have a chance to gab with the staff unlike the rest of the weekend where we are often busy running stuff.