2011 Dragon*Con MMO Track Schedule
Posted on July 15th, 2011 by Grim

So I lied.  I’m not going to wait until Sunday.  Here’s your dang schedule! (You will also notice that there is a new tab on the main menu above… same thing.)  Or course, we have schedules ready to go in iCal and XML formats so that you can import them into the digital assistant of your choice.

This schedule is unofficial until Dragon*Con releases the official track schedule.   What does that mean to you?  It means that this schedule can (and in at least one instance, probably will) change.  As of this moment, this is the schedule that is in Dragon*Con’s database.

Since the pocket program only allows Twitter-sized (150 characters or less) descriptions of our panels, here is a little more information on some of our events that isn’t self-explanitory from the title of the panel.

  • 2 “The Guild” Q&A Sessions.  Due to scheduling, it was easier to get one panel with Felicia and one with Wil than it was to get both at the same time.  You might have a hard time believing this, but both Felicia and Wil are in extremely high demand at Dragon*Con.   *insert feigned shocked expression*
  • World of Warcraft Costume Contest!  We haven’t yet confirmed where we will be having this.  We’re trying to get in the Hilton or Marriott for this so that all of our costumers won’t have to schlep down to the Sheraton in costume.
  • World of Warcraft – Darkmoon Faire.  We have made a slight change to the WoW Meet and Greet of years past.  This time around we have actually set up a themed event with carnival games, mini quests and other forms of entertainment.
  • MMO Gathering of Heroes.  Our track party is back and bigger and better than last year.  We think you’re really going to enjoy this.

and finally…

  • Defend Your Game.  There are so many MMOs out there these days that there is just no room on our schedule to represent even a significant portion of them all. (For instance, this year, we have no programming on Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Black Prophecy, Champions Online, City of Heroes, Star Trek Online, or any one of a bunch of really good games out there…)  There are a bunch of reasons why, but first and foremost is that we need someone to run the event who is passionate about the game and is willing to get up in front of our fans and lead a panel.    This is your chance to make a case that your favorite game belongs on our schedule.  As of this year, 10 of our 35 events were initially suggested and run by fans, not staff or game studios.

If you’re not already stoked about Dragon*Con this year, check your pulse.