Here, there be dragons
Posted on June 9th, 2011 by Grim

A while back, Clare McBride from The Literary Omnivore asked for submissions for a “Dragon*Con 25th Anniversary” anthology.  I whipped up a short little essay called “How The Frak Did I End Up Here?” and sent it in, figuring that I’d get a nice “Thanks, but no thanks”.   I’m no author, and I drive editors insane with the shortest of submissions. (Right, Krys?)

Imagine my surprise when Clare told me that she was going to include my little story in her anthology!

This week, her anthology, Hic Sunt Dracones was published (electronic format only… and it’s free).

So what’s it all about?

This is a collection of 25 years of stories from Dragon*Con.  There are stories about “My First Dragon*Con” both as a fan and as an author/guest of the convention.  There are stories about relationships forming at Dragon*Con that continued long after all of the fans went home.  Least of all, there’s my story.  It is, more or less, a tale of how one smart-assed loudmouth in the audience wound up directing the MMORPG track and the incredible string of coincidences that occurred along the way.

I did not say as much in my story, but since Trevor and Krystalle are mentioned prominently, I would like to thank some of the other folks who played a bigger part in this story than they may have realized.  Jay and Ian (The “Hey Kevin, you need to come and see this…” guys) are not mentioned by name, but without their help, none of this would be happening. (Additional credit should go to Jay’s wife, Sheryl, for keeping all of us relatively sane during those first couple of years)

There are so many examples of moments which, in retrospect, make me think “Holy crap! Is this really happening?” and there are so many people responsible for those moments that I do not think it is possible to thank them all.  So fi you’ve had anything to do with the MMO Track over the last few years, thank you!