And now, a message from our sponsor…
Posted on April 26th, 2011 by Grim

Those words used to give me a mad itch behind my eyeballs.

However, today, we are very pleased to announce that Guild Launch will be sponsoring the DC*MMO track this year.  Thanks to Stephen and the guys over at Guild Launch, we’re going to have more fun stuff to give away at Dragon*Con this year in addition to all of the new events (and parties… Yes, the Gathering of Heroes will be back this year.) we already have planned.

The guys at Guild Launch have already been involved in helping us out for this year, and thanks to their help, we’ve got some big surprises in store for everyone.  I’d give you more details… but it’s a surprise!

As part of our official welcome to Guild Launch, I thought it would be appropriate to throw a little Snark their way.  Snarkito Ergo Sum.

As part of the sponsorship deal, I have promised…

  1. Not to say “Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.” after every sentence I utter into a microphone.
  2. Not to roll my eyes every time I mention the sponsor’s name.
  3. Not to give the “You can stop paying attention for a few minutes” speech before mentioning the sponsor.
  4. Not to make shadow puppets using the projector while our sponsor is talking to our fans.
  5. Not to make rabbit ears behind our sponsor’s representatives during promotional photo opportunities.
  6. Not to wear a custom t-shirt with “SELL OUT!” written across the back.
  7. Not to hide our sponsor’s banner behind the projection screen in the ballroom. (“It said ‘display’… It did NOT say where!”)
  8. Not to wear apparel from our sponsor’s competition during Dragon*Con.
  9. To take lots of cough drops so that my cough does not sound like the word “SUCKS” at inopportune moments.
  10. Not to keep all of the swag provided by the sponsor and use various bits of debris found in my garage for contest prizes.

* No, I haven’t actually done any of these things… But since we ARE the Home of the Snarkcast…

On a purely personal note, having met the guys from Guild Launch last year and having worked with them on some of our early preparations for this year’s convention, we are absolutely thrilled to be working with Guild Launch this year.  We are expecting our biggest year ever this year (snark:  Ya think?  I mean.. it’s not the 25th anniversary con or anything…) and are exciting to be working with a sponsor who truly understands our convention and our fans.

We are getting into the “nitty gritty” of our preparation for this year, so to give everyone a small taste of what’s coming:

  1. After all of the positive feedback from our “WoW Lore” panels last year, we’re going to have quite a bit more this time around.
  2. Felicia, Robin, and Amy… Oh my!
  3. WoW Costume Contest (we’re working with the Costuming track on this one, so get your popcorn/costumes ready!)
  4. Gathering of Heroes Party
  5. Kingdom of Loathing Party
  6. MMO Trivia Contest (complete w/Bling Gnome!)
  7. Saturday Morning Cartoons (MMO Style)

and, as always… a whole lot more.