This just in: Cataclysm is coming.
Posted on October 29th, 2010 by Grim

/snark off

I know this is a shock to most of you, but I went ahead and pre-ordered Cataclysm today.  For those of you who are considering doing the same, I’d suggest getting the digital download from Blizzard.  You can download the Cataclysm data files now, and be ready to go live the second the switch is flipped on December 7. (You know… after 24 hours of patching and emergency bug fixes.)

The good news is.  If you’re looking for me between December 7 and December 12, I will be very easy to find.  The bad news is, if you send an email, I probably won’t see it.  If you call, you will only hear grunting… and maybe the occasional “MORE HOT POCKETS!