…and we’re done!
Posted on September 11th, 2010 by Grim

The reports are in, my race is run.
Dragon*Con 2010 is officially done.

That’s all the poetry you get from me for at least 3 weeks.  As of this post, I’m declaring a 3 week moratorium on any use of the word Dragon*Con. (My staff bet me I couldn’t do it… 3 weeks without doing anything for Dragon*Con? That’s just crazy talk?)

That is not to say that I will not snark on things.  Oh yes, the Snark must continue to flow.  However, if I say the words “Dragon*Con” anytime between 9/11/2010 and 10/2/2010, (and get caught… if nobody hears it, it doesn’t count) I lose.

To tide you all over for the next 3 weeks, I’m going to show you guys some videos that didn’t have the chance to be shown during our Machinima panels this year.  Thanks again to Romily for hooking us up with some Grade-A eye candy!

Don’t Make Me Get My Main

Halo, reminxed!

I’m on a Mount!