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Posted on August 31st, 2010 by Grim

Our friends at Massively.com will be at Dragon*Con, in force, again this year.  (They better be… some of their writers are on my staff!)   My Snarkcast Partner-in-Crime, Krystalle Voecks, has provided a breakdown of our shenanigans this weekend.

As a special bonus to our loyal readers (both of you!)  I’m presenting a list of “Top 10 Craziest Questions Grim Has Been Asked About Dragon*Con This Week.”   These are actual questions that have found their way into Grim’s mailbox. ***

10.  Hey.  This is <redacted> from <deleted name of Game Developer>.  I know it’s only a week before the convention, but is it too late for us to buy a booth and do some panels?

Our exhibitor space is 90%+ sold out by the end of the previous convention.  If you want to participate at Dragon*Con, you’d be well advised to get in touch with us now about next year.  One week before the convention is way too late.

9.  Why won’t you invite Blizzard to come to Dragon*Con?

Yes, they’re not coming to Dragon*Con because we forgot to invite them.  How careless of us.  Truth be told, we’ve been in touch with them for the past 3 years, and we’re still trying.  If you want to help, step right up and let us know.  Every little bit helps.

8. Hi.  I’m an independent game developer who hasn’t published a single title yet, but I’m working on it.   I’d like to come to Dragon*Con and promote my game.  Can you provide transportation and accommodations for the weekend? (oh, and I’ll need badges for 10 of my co-workers)

If you are going to try and scam your way into a free weekend at Dragon*Con, please be a LITTLE more creative in your scam. If you are serious about promoting your upcoming game, we’d love to help, but you’re on your own for getting here and finding a place to stay once you get here.

7. We would like to come to your convention and promote our convention.  Can you give us free passes so that we can do that?

We get lots of requests for cross-promotion, and for the most part, we’re happy to work with you.  However, 3 days before the con starts is a bad time to ask for anything “free”.

6. Why won’t you talk about <obscure Asian grinder MMO that nobody else in North America plays… you know, like Aion>?

If we covered every MMO out there, we would need a bigger convention to hold it all.  Last year, for example, we had nearly 50 panels covering a wide range of games, and the list of games we did NOT cover includes games such as Warhammer Online, Star Trek Online, and many other big name titles.  From year to year, our priorities are, in no particular order:

  • Companies that come to Dragon*Con and work with us to promote their games. (e.g. Funcom, Sony Online, Hi Rez Studios)
  • Games where fan interest is very high (e.g. World of Warcraft, City of Heroes)
  • Games where we have a subject matter expert available to run the panel, either on staff, a fan at the convention, or even a member of the press. (e.g. Guild Wars)
  • After that, we try to come up with as much programming as we can which will be of interest across a broad spectrum of MMO games (e.g. Legal Issues, Free and Freemium, or New MMO Showcase)

If your favorite game isn’t on our schedule this year, feel free to contact us about running a panel for it next year.  How do you think WE got this gig?

5. Why won’t you talk about <Insert game that hasn’t come out yet.>?

This is actually not a stupid question, just one that I get a lot.  We’re a fan convention.  We’re not a trade show.  We made the mistake of trying to promote/do panels on games that haven’t been released yet, and it was an hour long snorefest of trailers that you can watch on the Internet for free without having to buy a badge to a convention.  Once the game comes out, and there actually is a fanbase for that game?  We’d be happy to have a panel or event for it as long as we have someone who plays the game on hand to run it.  We have the “New MMO Showcase” for a reason.  That’s where we talk about ALL of the upcoming games without having to fill an hour’s worth of Q&A on a single game that is still in development.

4.  Are you allowed to talk about <insert game here> since the studio won’t be there?

The great thing about being a Fan Convention is that we can talk about any darn thing we want to.  We choose to support the studios who come to Dragon*Con by providing them with a place to meet and greet their fans.  Any other games we decide to cover are our choice, time and space permitting.

3. <Insert Popular Game Here> is lame!  Why do you spend so much time covering that game and not covering my favorite game?

Well, Sparky.   With 40,000 people at the convention, two things are certain.

1) Someone else at the convention is going to like the same things you like.

2) Not everybody at the convention is going to like the same things you like.

It’s our job to find/provide things that will appeal to as many people as possible.  I know this might be a shock to you, but at fan conventions, popular things are… POPULAR!

2.  Will you introduce me to <Random celebrity appearing at Dragon*Con>?

Sure.  I won’t be busy at all during the weekend, and I’ll have PLENTY of time to play “Fanboy/FanGirl Tourguide” for you all weekend.  Plus, I know every single one of our 400+ guests that are coming to Dragon*Con this year.  I’m yer hookup, baby!

And the number 1 craziest question appearing in Grim’s inbox this week?

1.  Do you have anything planned for this weekend?

*sound of Grim’s head exploding*

*** Ok, so I may have taken creative license with a few of these…