Saturday (guest) Matinee: The Device Has Been Modified +1
Posted on August 21st, 2010 by Grim

Hey there, everyone! Krystalle here, in for Jhaer, who is off doing that real-life thing. (Crazy bastage, out pugging that outdoor instance in this heat?!) Anyway, as I’m guesting in for him this week, I wanted to show off one of my favorite World of Warcraft machinima. Baron Soosdon’s work has always really impressed me, but his combination of World of Warcraft and Portal was particularly well done, I thought. That, and this song by the Victims of Science is awesome. (It impressed me enough that I’ve since made it the opening song I play when I’m DJing somewhere – a calling card, of sorts.)

But enough about my thoughts on the video, here it is!

Also, I’d be terribly remiss if I was doing machinima without mentioning the incredibly wonderful and talented Christina “Romily” Rollins, who has been coming to Dragon*Con for a few years to share some of the best Machinima from around the world with us. Take, for example, this film she introduced us all to last year. While the game featured isn’t an MMO, I think anyone who has ever looked for a group can sympathize with this Pyro.

If you really enjoy machinima, be sure to check out her panels this year! Currently they are scheduled as follows:

Machinima (Cool, notable, and award-winning) – Friday, 8:30 PM, Savannah Room
Machinima (Comedy, off the wall, or as Grim calls it “fart and dick jokes”) – Saturday, 8:30 PM, Savannah Room

Also note, you’re welcome to bring snacks and drinks since this is set up pretty much just like going to the movies. Only we don’t have ushers, so please clean up after yourselves! 😀