Monday Geek Roundup: I’m still here. Really.
Posted on June 21st, 2010 by Grim

Dudes. Seriously. I had the WORST dream. In this dream, I completely ceased to exist for two whole weeks. Like, I was just gone. The world just kept on spinning but it didn’t have me on it. It was, like, crazy. For reals.

What’s that you say? It wasn’t a dream? I really did disappear for two weeks?


Well, at least that explains why I didn’t make my usual Monday roundup posts.

Convenient excuse done. List commences…

  • So I’m not exactly sure why it is, but there appears to be a bit of a geek obsession out there for My Little Pony. I’m going to go ahead and assume it’s because My Little Pony was part of the 80’s Saturday Morning cartoon and advertising bonanza and not due to any weird psychological hangups those of us who attend shows like Dragon*Con may have. Regardless of the reason why, one creative little monkey recently gave a whole bunch of My Little Pony toys the Geek makeover. There’s a whole slew of geek-themed ponies here, with the likes of Cthulu and Tron represented in the mix. The most disturbing one, though, is the Dr. Manhattan “anatomically correct” My Little Pony. Yeah, because I needed to see THAT. I wonder what the stats for these little guys would be if you brought them into the Something*Positive My Little Pony RPG? Geeky [Source]
  • Let me just say I’m totally on board with the recent trend of Geek-themed burlesque shows that have been cropping up. Super hero themed strippers? I’m down. Scantily clad Star Wars ladies shaking their groove thing? I’m ok with that, too. I’m even ok, in theory, with a new Ghostbusters themed strip show. I mean, Zuul and Dana were kinda hot and I’m sure you could easily come up with a “sexy” Ghostbuster outfit. But…Slimer? Seriously? There’s nothing sexy about Slimer guys. Link is slightly NSFW and very unsafe for your sanity. [Source]
  • This isn’t really anything new, but it’s kinda awesome just the same. Some original concept art from the classic Jim Henson dark fantasy film The Dark Crystal were recently posted online. No witty commentary about that from me. Just go look and revel in the awesome. [Source]
  • I’m not sure if these guys are really new or not, but the video that is attached to the link at the end of this paragraph just blew across about every major geek blog I follow. It’s from a band called Warp 11. They are a Star Trek themed heavy metal band with heartfelt songs like “Boldly Go Down On Me” and “Set Phasers to F***.” What do you think the chances are we’ll see these folks at the con sometime soon? [Source]
  • At E3 last week Microsoft announced the upcoming launch of the Kinect, a camera that attaches to your XBox 360 that experts believe may extend the lifecycle of the console for another five years. Along with the announcement of this device came news that there’s another Rock Band inspired game that is being released along with it. This time, though, instead of inserting yourself into your favorite band you’ll be taking a part in one of your favorite movies. YooStar2 will allow you to insert yourself into films and grades your performance after you do so. Check out the link to see Leonard Nimoy filling in for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the classic “I’ll be back” scene from The Terminator. [Source]
  • So. Umm…Yeah. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World looks completely awesome and if I could have babies I would probably offer up my womb to the creative minds behind it. Really. The new international trailer is out, and it’s sheer genius. I have this dreaded fear that the movie itself is going to fall short of the trailers (because, yeah, we’ve never seen THAT before), but the optimistic side of me is holding out hope that the final product will be the real deal. [Source] Bonus Link! There’s a side scrolling Scott Pilgrim vs. The World video game being released soon as well that looks every bit as awesome as the movie does. [Source]
  • I use the word “awesome” a lot. I’m sorry.
  • I guess they’ve made a third movie about Narnia. Can’t say I really care all that much, to be honest. Never read the books, and I haven’t seen the first two movies. I do remember watching some made for cable version of “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” when I was a kid that had a spooky snow lady in it but that’s about it. I know a lot of you like Narnia though, so I figured I’d throw this in the mix. Oh, yeah…and I do have to admit that Liam Neeson voicing a bad ass lion is pretty…umm….something like awesome but now awesome because I use that word too much. [Source]
  • They are going to remake The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Sigh. Yeah, that? Not awesome. I don’t even care if you put Zach Galifanakis in it. Not. Awesome. Next thing you know they are going to remake The Apple Dumpling Gang movies. Oh. Oh crap. I just made it happen, didn’t I? [Source]
  • If anyone shows up at Dragon*Con in Jedi gear carrying around one of these babies steer clear. You might just get burned. [Source]
  • Who knew that the line “I told the doctor to take your picture so I could look at you from inside as well” would ever be realized quite as vividly as it has? Some X-Ray technicians over in Japan (oh, those wacky Japanese folks!) have taken X-Ray pin-up pictures. The pictures here are NSFW…I guess…[Source]
  • There are some rumors going around that Lady Gaga might be playing a bad guy in an upcoming Dr. Who episode. “Hello, Hello, Doctor you called I can’t hear a thing? Your Tardis cannot reach me in this club you see, see.” [Source]
  • The folks over at Bat in the Sun studios are at it again. You may have seen their work previously in the fake “trailer” for Batman: Legends. Now they’ve released two 30 minute complete films set in the Batman universe. The first, Citizen J, is the story of a desperate psychologist trying to understand the mind of The Joker. The most recent one is  Batman: City of Scars, a chillingly accurate look at the Dark Knight. I am frequently saddened when I see this kind of quality work done by so-called “amateurs” while shite like the new Jonah Hex film continues to roll out of Hollywood. We need open source film making! [Source]
  • You may not be aware of it, but Little Orphan Annie was, up until recently, still running in about 30 newspapers across the country. The strip ended on a serious WTF note last week. Annie was kidnapped by a terrorist and Daddy Warbucks was convinced that she had been killed and disposed of by being fed to sharks. There was no resolution to the decades long story. Just “that’s how we leave Annie for now.” I guess the writers were kinda pissed that the series got canned or something. [Source]
  • There’s a rumor going around that the working title for the next Die Hard movie, Die Hard 24/7, is a bit more than just another witty way to keep from calling it Die Hard 5. Apparently some creative types over at Fox have it in their head that it might be a good idea to pair John McClain up with Jack Bauer, the protagonist from the recently canceled Fox drama 24. This seems like a monumentally bad idea to me, but I told a friend of mine about it (big 24 fan) and she about wet herself in anticipation so who knows? Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all. [Source]

Ok kiddos. That’s all I have for this week. All things being good and well in the world I won’t be stepping into any wormholes and will be back here next Monday with more…ummmm….screw it! I’m gonna say it!


You can’t stop me!! ahahahahaahahahahah!!!