SnarkCast #13: Dragon*Con, Yiffing, and Derek *Ironic word meaning ‘Intelligent’*
Posted on June 20th, 2010 by Grim

One of those things is not like the other ones, but if anybody can connect Dragon*Con to Yiffing and Derek *Brainy???*, it’s us.  We do six impossible things before breakfast.


Some highlights from this week’s (sic) podcast

  • Grim has hot three-way action with a couple of smokin’ hot babes!
  • Grim and Krystalle discuss people who use excessive profanity.
  • Fun with no air conditioning in Georgia in the Summertime!
  • Krystalle gets spanked by a lucky community rep.
  • Krystalle discusses her David Hasselhoff fixation.
  • LOTRO goes free-to-play!
  • Grim admits he is wrong about something.
  • More riffing on Derek S****. (If you say his name online, he magically appears… like Candyman or Biggie Smalls)


Music used in this show:

  • Opening song: The Swashbuckling Rum Run Of Tom Leftig – We Are They (from the Funny Music Project at
  • World of Warcraft Soundtrack.

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