The Most Popular Girls On The Internet – With Special Guest, Grim
Posted on June 2nd, 2010 by Grim

A couple of old EverQuest guildies of mine, and good friends, Tara and Cassandra, have a website and podcast called (this should be no surprise to you if you read the title of this post)  The Most Popular Girls On The Internet.

I think Tara spend too many hours playing Red Dead Redemption or something, because she thought it would be a spiffy idea to invite me on the show as a guest this week. (We’re recording on Friday, and I’ll definitely be posting the link here when it goes live)

I think, in actuality, that this is payback for me making her sit on the infamous Meridian 59 panel with me all those years ago…

The Infamous "Meridian 59 Guy" panel

(That’s Tara on the left sitting next to me, Crumpster, and Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green back in 2006)

As an added bonus, here is conclusive proof that I do, in fact, wear costumes at Dragon*Con!

A pirate and his wench... Ok, just Grim and Alihja again

Tara was nice enough to write up her experiences back at the 2006 Dragon*Con on one of her other, very appropriately named, websites.

Maybe, one day, I’ll revisit the costume idea of “Jay and Pirate Bob”…

Jay and Pirate Bob

(Not that it will take much work to convince Muskulls to wear a pirate outfit again this year…)

You can see more of the pics from 2006 (and other years) in our Multimedia Gallery.