Monday Geek Roundup: We’ve gone too far
Posted on May 24th, 2010 by Grim

I don’t care if Monday IS blue! I’m here to cheer you up with the latest and greatest geek news on the block. I’m also kind of running out of kitschy pop-culture references to go along with Monday in my opening statements, so if you can help a brother out lemme know.

We’ve got some great news in the works for those of you who attend our track panels this year, but we’re not quite ready to reveal it yet. Suffice it to say, if you thought we had some great events last year you haven’t seen ANYTHING yet. In the meantime, though, get a load of the list below for some other fun things that are going on in the geek world.

  • Now, we all know that Pirates are more awesome than Ninjas.* This is scientific fact that really doesn’t need to be discussed any further. That being said, it doesn’t mean that Ninjas are lacking in the awesome department. Case in point? Over in Australia a bunch of Ninjas stopped a group of would-be muggers from pummeling some poor guy to bits over his wallet and an iPod. Turns out the bad guys decided that the appropriate place to mug someone would be right outside of a dojo full of Ninjas. Funny thing is that the group of shadowy assassins didn’t actually DO anything. Apparently the whole “sliding out of the shadows and scaring the crap out of you” thing is good enough these days. [Source]
  • Ok, so I’ve already mentioned my hang up for Slave Leia. I truly thought there could be no cosplay greater. That is, until, I saw Slave Wonder Woman. Yeah. Someone enterprising young lass combined Slave Leia and Wonder Woman into one costume. I’ll be in my bunk. [Source]
  • So Heroes didn’t turn out so well. I’ll admit that. I have to agree with Topless Robot, though, that the replacement isn’t looking too bad. Then again, all you really need to do is mention Summer Glau and super heroes and you have my attention. [Source]
  • I guess Lost ended last night or something? I could be wrong. I mean, it’s not like EVERYONE AND THEIR BROTHER WAS TALKING ABOUT IT ON TWITTER! Hey, you know…I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but…I’m really kinda over the whole “bitching about spoilers” thing. If you don’t want to see spoilers, I’ve got a pretty far-out suggestion for you – Watch the show when it is on the air. If you can’t do that, just avoid the internet altogether. Seriously, kids. Getting pissy because people are excited about something they are seeing and want to talk about it on social media outlets (which is, you know, kinda what we all do these days) is just self-centered and ridiculous. You are not that important, and contrary to what you may think the internet doesn’t revolve around you. So…yeah…Where was I? Oh, right. Lost. I didn’t watch the show. No freakin’ idea what it’s about. But you can follow the link here and see some cats sum up the characters. [Source]
  • You may not have heard of the group Improv Everywhere but chances are you have heard of some of their “missions.” Improv Everywhere is a group based out of New York that has a mission to create scenes of “chaos and joy in public places” and then post videos of them up on YouTube. Some of their more infamous stunts have included hundreds of people being frozen in Grand Central Station and a spontaneous musical that erupted in a mall food court. Their latest mission is a loose re-creation of the library scene from Ghostbusters, and it was staged in the same library. As amusing as this idea is, I have to be honest and admit that I’m a little disappointed in the execution. Maybe I’m just spoiled by all the great Ghostbusters cosplay I’ve seen at Dragon*Con, but inflatable proton packs? Really? That, and part of what made Ghostbusters great was the personalities of the main characters, and all these guys did was walk in and start chasing ghosts. I would have loved to have seen some interaction with the crowd “in character.” All that being said, 10 out of 10 for the idea in and of itself and for Improv Everywhere’s continuing effort to bring something interesting to our lives. [Source]
  • You know…I laughed and laughed when they announced the Batman XXX Porn Parody. I chuckled when it went on to include other super hero movies. But now? NOW? They’ve gone too far. There is a Golden Girls XXX Porn Parody in the works. Just…God…I….Hold me. [Source] Video included on the original post is NSFW. Duh.

Ok…You know what? After that last link I’m done. Well, that and I have to go get Mama McGreevy from the hospital soon (Yayyy!).

*Ok, have you people SEEN my boss? In his full Pirate gear? With the weapons and the scowl and stuff? And his propensity to assign unruly minions to crappy track duties? If I don’t throw in with Team Pirate I’m gonna end up hosting a Hello Kitty Online panel. Cut me some slack, dudes!

I was just thinking this morning that I needed to follow up on your suggestion and update my Geekspotting shirts