Star Wars: The Old Republic….WoW Killer?
Posted on May 21st, 2010 by Grim

Star Wars: The Old Republic is slated to come out spring of next year and it sounds pretty awesome to me.   What excites me about TOR is not the fact that its a Star Wars MMO, but the fact that Bioware is doing it, and I’m a huge fan of their work.  I am, however, somewhat skeptic as to how a story driven MMO is going to work out.  I mean, can a true MMO be story driven?  Will the game still be worth playing once I’ve reached the end of this story.  I’m sure there will be plenty of replay value with many different paths you can travel to reach the end but still.  In my mind, an MMO is an ever evolving process that I build on every time I log in.  Anything else, sounds like KOTOR with multiplayer.  I am a huge fan of KOTOR and the thought of playing it online with multiple players sounds awesome!  I know there will be expansions and patches and the game will change and evolve from the developers, I just don’t think it will be long lived.  I hope I’m wrong, and it turns out to be a huge hit and take over everyone’s lives.  Just remember, if it does don’t wait until a drive by hooker steals your debit card before you cancel your WoW subscription.