Monday Geek Roundup: Bring on the panties!
Posted on May 17th, 2010 by Grim

Image via ikayama on flickr

It’s Monday, MMO-keteers! You know what that means!!

No, that doesn’t mean it’s Music Monday. Sheesh.

BTW…You’re awesome if you got that reference and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

Yet again I have combed through hundreds of RSS links to pick out the choicest fruit for you, the faithful snarky flock of the Dragon*Con MMORPG community. Behind the cut below you’ll find the best geek news that’s fit to be transmitted in digital format. Well, ok…You’ll find the stuff that looked interesting to me before I hit the point where my eyes crossed and I clicked the “Mark All As Read” link.

Off we go!

  • Ok, look. Japanese people are pretty kinky. We all know this, so let’s stop ignoring the elephant in the living room and acknowledge it. The latest addition to the Anime world is certainly doing so, and we might as well go along for the ride. A new animated series that’s going to be hitting the Japanese market is called Panty and Stocking, and the two main characters are crime fighting young girls named…wait for it…Panty and Stocking. Guess what you’re going to see a lot of in this one? Even better? One of them carries a gun with a barrel that is shaped like a pair of girls panties. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, folks. [Source]
  • Remember the Batman XXX porno parody I wrote about last week (oh, those were the good old days…how I miss them). The company behind that film has apparently decided that they aren’t going to draw the line at Batman. Apparently they are planning a whole series of super hero porno films. Me, personally? I wanna see what they do with The Fantastic Four. (No, I’m not filling in a joke about that…make your own…it’s easy enough). [Source]
  • Heroes won’t be coming back for a fifth season. I wish I could say I was sad about this news, but I’m really not. Despite the fact that I watched the show every week, the fact of the matter is that after the fourth season they really didn’t deserve to come back for a fifth round. What started out as something truly amazing got ridiculous pretty damn fast. That being said, it looks like there is a possibility that there will be one last TV movie to “tie up the story line.” WHICH ONE??? Maybe the one where Peter left his girlfriend in an alternate hell future? Or…No…I’m gonna stop now before my head explodes. [Source]
  • Apparently there are talks to bring Judge Dredd back to the big screen, and this time they are going to do it in 3-D. I’ve got kinda mixed feelings about this. I love Judge Dredd, and the absolute abomination that was the Sylvester Stallone film touched me in a no-no place and caused me to go into counseling for several years. Although I do have to admit it gave me great fodder for my Sly impersonation. Given the number of decent super hero movies we’ve seen come down the line recently I’ll hold on to hope that they might get it right this time, but I swear by all that is unholy in Mega City if he takes off his helmet in this one I’m walking out of the theater. [Source]
  • There is, apparently, some serious talk out there about a Pac-Man Movie. I got nuttin’. [Source]
  • Normally I try not to cover MMO related stuff, because I figure you guys get enough of that every other day of the week on this blog. This one was too good to pass up, though. Witness what happens when a very dedicated World of Warcraft player has his account password changed by his roommate. Oh, the profanities!! [Source]
  • I love Dan Akroyd. I think he’s one of the most talented folks ever to come out of Saturday Night Live and many of his movies are fodder for my impressive arsenal of movie quotes (especially Ghostbusters…duh). Fact of the matter is, though, that the dude is kinda crazy. [Source]

OK kids. That’s all I’ve got for this week. Umm…insert some kind of pithy and witty end to the post here. I’m tired and can’t think of one.