SnarkCast #11: Today’s forecast: partly snarky with a chance of lol
Posted on May 6th, 2010 by Grim

Hello everyone! It’s time for another edition of the SnarkCast. This episode, we ramble and scramble through swampf and through swumpf, and bring you news about MMOs, because we’re Nice People. (har!) That said, this one contains a bit more cussing than normal, so keep the headphones on if you’re at work or the kiddies are around. Show notes are behind the break. [display_podcast]

  • WRUP – What we’re playing!
  • Macrotransaction vs microtransaction snark
  • Nexon looking to play grown-up, goes om nom nom
  • Shrinkage is still a problem after the apocalypse
  • It’s almost time to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.
  • Yarr Realms
  • Brenlo deserves a beer
  • New content and Bards and Uncle Voltie, oh my
  • In other news, gang leaders make good models
  • The two Perpetual Nerd Questions
  • What do William Shatner and Patrick Stewart have in common with chipmunks?
  • And more Dragon*Con MMO silliness and guest news!

Music used in this show:

  • Opening song: The Swashbuckling Rum Run Of Tom Leftig – We Are They (from the Funny Music Project at
  • Bed music: The Damp Barachan Nights – from the Age of Conan soundtrack (by Knut Avenstroup Haugen)
  • Closing music: Afro Samurai Fight Groove #4 from the Afro Samurai videogame

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