Monday Geek Roundup
Posted on April 19th, 2010 by Grim

Suddenly I'm not hating Monday so much.

Happy Monday, Dragon*Con MMORPGerers! Grimmy has put me on the “Geek News” task force, and I figure that since most of you probably spent a good chunk of your weekend arse deep in raids and other such tomfoolery I’d go ahead and post a list of cool things I stumbled across this weekend that exist outside the MMORPG world.

Hey! Hey! Calm down there, sparky! I didn’t actually mean OUTSIDE. I wouldn’t expect you to face the evil day star!

  • io9 has a trailer up for a new movie coming out of Japan that’s either called Strippers5 vs. Zombies or Big Tits Zombie in 3D. I haven’t quite figured out which it is, yet, but really…does it matter? Needless to say the trailer is pretty much NSFW. [source]
  • For you Doctor Who fans out there, io9 also has some concept art out there showing some re-designed Daleks that will be appearing in the current season. [source]
  • Yeah, but do they sparkle?? has some images up showing two versions of a new X-Men series that starts off with our favorite mutant heroes doing battle against…vampires. Yay. I mean, seriously guys. You’re not going to convince tween girls and their kinda creepy mothers to read comic books just by slapping some fangs on Wolverine. [source]
  • Hercules is reporting over at Ain’t It Cool News that LucasArts is talking about a new animated Star Wars series that will take place after the events of Return of the Jedi and feature the characters from the original trilogy. This isn’t necessarily as scary as it sounds. The Clone Wars animated series has, on the whole, been pretty damned good and in many ways is a heck of a lot better than Episodes I through III. In the right hands this could be pretty awesome. My hope is that they use Timothy Zahn’s excellent Heir to the Empire series as source material. Especially considering that it has long been considered the “third trilogy” by many in the Star Wars fan community. [source]
  • Betty White In A Metal Bikini Wielding A Flaming Chainsaw While Riding A John Ritter Centaur. ’nuff said. [source]
  • And if that wasn’t awesome enough, I leave you with a catch song about The Bacon Man. [source]