Georgia Renaissance Festival Update
Posted on April 16th, 2010 by Grim

Ga Ren Fest

With less than 24 hours until our little shindig at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, there are some important developments to be aware of before heading down.

Weather: It’s going to be in the low 80’s, chance of rain only 10% so bring sunscreen and dress accordingly.  The pollen count will be somewhere in the range of  “massive”  to “obscenely massive.”  Dry weather ordinarily results in a lot of dust in the air at the festival but since it’s opening weekend, there should be grass on the ground so it may not be as bad.

Traffic: The entirety of Atlanta inside the perimeter will be a parking lot so don’t plan on driving through it.  The  Hawks playoff game, Braves game, Dogwood Festival, and Sweetwater 420 festival are all taking place this weekend and are estimated to bring an additional 300,000 people to the city.  This is all in addition to Freaknik.  Freaknik alone will bring all traffic on highways and streets to a complete standstill so do not attempt to navigate through town on the way to or from the festival.

Time and Place: The festival gates open at 10:30am and plenty of us plan on being there when it happens.  Destination Priority #1:  The Pub! Yours truly was the very first customer (Killian’s Red) at this pub when the festival changed sites many years ago so it holds a special place in my heart :).  We’ll likely loiter at this location throughout the day so check back frequently.  There’s a coffee stand “across the road” from the pub that I often visit and is highly recommended.

Fun Stuff: As mentioned before, there are kissing wenches, pubs, games, and plenty of other things to do while in attendance but we’re going to throw a little activity in there as well, a photo-hunt!  Bring your camera and see how many of these items you can find!  Instructions on where to email the photos will follow!

Hope to see everyone there!  If you don’t know what any of us look like, I’ll be wearing a black leather jerkin, black leather boots, this sword across my back, and a horse’s tail.