3 weeks to go!
Posted on August 13th, 2009 by Grim

I’m back from the beach and ready to put the finishing touches on this year’s preparations. Staff meetings are blessedly short (last night’s was about 20 minutes), which means things are getting done, and the to-do list is finally shrinking.

That means we’re close. 3 weeks to go, in fact!

To give you guys an update as to what’s going on, we’re starting to receive prize packages from some of our “Friends of DC*MMO” (see the column on the left) including t-shirts, posters, boxed copies of games, loot cards, and other assorted goodies that we’ll be giving away. Most of this stuff will be given away during our WoW party (WoW Stuff) and MMO Trivia Contest (Everything Else) during the weekend, but we’ll also be tossing out some swag during our panels. Which ones? Could be any of them!

It looks like the Digital Gaming Lab (DGL) will be moving up to the 3rd floor in the Hilton this year. Normally, that doesn’t affect us since we’re in the Sheraton, but if you actually want some “hands on” time with some of the games that we’ll be highlighting this year, the DGL is the place to be. We’ll be hosting “All-nighters” with Global Agenda and Age of Conan in the DGL this year.

We’ve updated the look of the website just a bit, and included links to the companies and people who have helped us out this year and in the past.  These folks have donated time, merchandise, and effort into making Dragon*Con successful, and I’d like to thank them all on behalf of the DC*MMO staff.

Finally, we’re steadily dwindling our supply of DC*MMO 2009 t-shirts.  We only have a few of the larger sizes left!  We’re also going to have a new SnarkCast available for you later today or tomorrow, and Krystalle and I will try to squeeze in one or two more before the convention.

As a final treat, I wanted to share this picture of the winning team (posing w/the Bling Gnome Trophy) from last year’s Hardcore MMO Trivia Contest.  The winners of each year’s trivia contest will win a fantastic set of prizes and have their picture immortalized on the base of the trophy. (last year, we had no base because my crafting skill is 0)

Hardcore MMO Trivia Champions - 2008