SnarkCast #4: The Next Generation
Posted on July 25th, 2009 by Grim

Yeah, I realize that I’m going to run out of sequel titles to use in these posts and that I’ll be repeating myself soon.  I’ll deal with that problem when I get there.

It’s been a crazy week in the land of SnarkCast, and Krys and Grim have already been overtaken by events given that we recorded this podcast before:

  1. The Dragon*Con Staff Meeting last weekend.
  2. Blizzard was allowed to partially re-launch WoW in China.

Oh well, them’s the breaks.  In any event, enjoy the podcast (show notes are included after the jump).  Thanks for listening, and we’ll be recording a new podcast very soon.


(Opening music, courtesy of …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, “Isis Unveiled”)