DC*MMO 2009 Schedule
Posted on July 6th, 2009 by Grim

You may have spotted it on our menu bar at the top of the page, but in case you haven’t…

The schedule for this year is pretty much done. “Pretty much?” The “NASA’s almost-MMO” panel may be moving from it’s current time and location (Saturday at 2:30 in the Marriott A601-602) to the Sheraton on Sunday at 4:00. It is not etched in stone yet, but as soon as we get an answer, I’ll update the schedule.

The “Google Calendar” containing all of the Dragon*Con related events from now until the convention can be found here.  It also contains links to the schedule in XML or iCal format if you’d like to download the schedule into your phone or PDA. (always nice to get a reminder during the con)

For additional convenience, we also have a schedule grid that you can print and use if you prefer.

The official schedule for the entire convention will be coming soon.  It is possible that other events may change, but doubtful for our track, one does not juggle such a large number of events lightly.