Grim is back and there’s gonna be trouble
Posted on June 22nd, 2009 by Grim

Ok, so maybe not…

I took a much-needed break to look for my lost sanity, and celebrate my very first Father’s Day, and I’m back and well-rested for the final push towards Dragon*Con 2009.

The schedule is pretty much done at this point, but I’ll be meeting with a couple of folks this week to lock things down.  Once we get the schedule finalized, a process which involves hours of tedious data entry, we’ll let you guys know what we have in store for you.  I can’t tell you exactly how many panels and events we have planned, but I will say this much.  It’s a lot.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the other stuff we have to finish before we go downtown this year…

Prizes!   WoW TCG Loot has graciously agreed to provide some goodies for us to give away this year.  We have a  few surprises for our non-WoW players as well.

T-shirts!  We have an official “DC*MMO 2009″ t-shirt in the works, and we’ll be showing those off really soon.

Videos!  Our guys are scouring the Internet to find videos, trailers, and other goodies to show during our contests and in-between panels.

Trivia!  We’re still working on our questions for this year’s trivia contests.  There will be a “Hardcore MMO” trivia contest on Friday night. (very little, or even NO World of Warcraft trivia…) There will also be a World of Warcraft (only) trivia contest on Saturday.  Each game will have the same format.  Each game will have prizes.  But only the Hardcore Trivia Contest Winners will be honored with a place on our trophy, the Bling Gnome!  Every year, the winning trivia team will be immortalized with their picture placed on the base of the trophy.  Like the Stanley Cup, once we fill up all the room on the base, we’ll make the base a little bigger.

Podcast!  Yes, we are going to be doing another SnarkCast shortly.  Krystalle, in addition to her duties at E3, as been on the shelf with an injury and I’ve been spending way too much time at the “body-and-fender shop” myself, lately.

We have some other stuff in the works, and we’ll be telling you all about it as we get closer to the convention.

73 days until Dragon*Con.