Update – June 15, 2009
Posted on June 15th, 2009 by Grim

The schedule is pretty much done, and the gang is hard at work on the remaining “to do list” items for Dragon*Con this year.  And recent interactions with my staff have indicated that I am getting just a little bit ill-tempered, so this week, I’ll be stepping back and taking a break from D*C prep.

What does Grim do for fun, you ask?

Oddly enough, not much MMO playing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still play a bit, but currently, I’m working on integrating this site with Facebook, particularly our new application and fan page.  Now that might sound perilously close to working on D*C, but I’m looking at this from a “hey, this is a technical challenge” standpoint and indulging my inner hacker by trying to figure out how all this stuff works.  It’s very much a work-in-progress, but it’s been quite fun so far.

Of course, my wife has a long list of suggestions for things to do besides Dragon*Con stuff, and I’ve been working on those too.  Expect things to be kinda quiet around here for a week or so, but we’ll be back next week for the home stretch.  If you really need to reach me, that’s what we have the contact form for, or you could even try Facebook or Twitter.  Less than 3 months to go until Dragon*Con!