SnarkCast #2: D*C MMO podcast rebranded to SnarkCast!
Posted on May 14th, 2009 by Grim

To be honest, the D*C MMO title wasn’t working for us. Well, that and can you imagine what it’s like trying to edit out at least half of what we’re saying? Brutal – especially when you’re dealing with a messed-up hand.

Thus, we opted to reimagine the entire podcast, and have rebranded it SnarkCast. In this, our official first edition of SnarkCast, we discuss D*C MMO bidness, sure – but we also wander across the landscape from MMO drama to just what the heck is wrong with FreeRealms. Add in a healthy dose of Hentai, and you have the first-ever SnarkCast.

Admittedly, the engineering on this one is a bit rough, but we’re still working that out. As always feedback, suggestions, or gifts of chocolate-covered espresso beans are welcome!




Topics listed here are meant as resources for further reading, but are by no means the entirety of topics covered. If you have any questions on sources, feel free to leave a comment and ask!

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