Kicking it OLD school at Dragon*Con
Posted on April 19th, 2009 by Grim

Every now and then, you stumble across something you didn’t have any idea existed.

I managed to find an MP3 of Dragon*Con’s “Gathering of the Guilds” panel from 2002. This was a good solid 2 years before anyone had heard of World of Warcraft.  From the program guide…

Gathering of the Guilds

Gathering of the Guilds is an event whose goal is to attract members of the guild community as well as MMORPG players in general. To facilitate this, we will be inviting organizers of some of the more highly recognized guilds and members of design teams from various gaming companies. We plan to have these teams demonstrate some of the games they have in development, hold discussion panels, and meet the MMORPG community.

Elonka Dunin
Waylon Adams

Attendance: 70

For those of you who are curious, Palehorse is our very own Trevor, who is now the assistant director of the MMO track.  Elonka is probably the smartest woman on the planet.  Waylon is the gentleman who started running MMO panels as part of the EFF track WAAAAY back in the day.  Waylon was the guy who got Trevor and I involved, and his help and support is a big part of why we are here today.

If you listen REEEEEALY closely (hint:  I mention the fact that I played on the Druzzil Ro server…) you’ll hear a certain smartass who somehow managed to talk his way into a spot on the panel. (I can’t remember if it was that year, or the following year)

The rest… is history.  By 2004, I was a bonafide panelist, and Funcom  had joined us at Dragon*Con.   We started doing WoW panels in 2006, and last year, we managed to come up with an entire track for the first time.  Hard to believe it’s only been 7 years…