The early word for Dragon*Con 2009
Posted on November 10th, 2008 by Grim

Some early news, obviously this can change in the next 9 months…

We’re going to be back in the Sheraton next year.  Main registration and a lot of the “behind the scenes” Dragon*Con stuff will be moving there as well.  Pat, Dave, and the gang met with the Sheraton folks and they’ve really bent over backwards for us and have learned their lessons from last year.

Sony has already expressed their intention to come back next year, as has Funcom. (obviously, not etched in stone yet…)

We’re going to have 2 trivia sessions next time around, one for “hardcore MMO players” and one that is for WoW players only.

Quest Givers will have their own party on Sunday as well as a lot more support from our staff during the weekend.

There will be a lot more WoW stuff going on. (theorycrafting, raid management, lore, newbie panels, etc)

Even at this stage in the game, we only have 6 panel slots left to fill.  That’s assuming that we have 1 big room and 1 small room.  We may add on another small room for more stuff depending on how many new games get announced early next year.

We have a lot of other stuff in the early planning stages, but too early to announce yet.

Gnome Punting (and throwing) will return next year.