Home sweet home
Posted on September 2nd, 2008 by Grim

I love Dragon*Con and all of the people that I get to meet every year…

But there is no place like home… with my wife… and my dogs… and SLEEP.

Just to give you guys an idea of what’s going on now that D*C 2008 is on the books.

  • Still have to write up reports for con management.
  • Making a wish list of game developers that we want to invite next year.
  • Contact the folks who came this year to thank them and invite them back for next year.
  • Compile final room counts and figure out which panels worked, and which ones didn’t.
  • Figure out who is staying on my staff and who is going to move on to other things.
  • Figure out how many staff I’m going to need for next year. (will we do one room? or two?)
  • Have a baby.

The 30 day “don’t talk to me about anything Dragon*Con related” period hasn’t started yet, and won’t until this weekend since we’re all still putting the finishing touches on this year’s wrap-up.  I would encourage you guys to get your thoughts down in a post on the forums here and let me know what you think while the memories are still fresh, but please understand if I don’t really get engaged with you about those ideas for a couple of weeks.  I slept 12 hours when I got home last night, and I could sleep 12 more.