Welcome to Dragon Con Video Gaming

It’s harder than you think to write clever copy that you know most people are going to ignore once they’ve seen it the first dozen or so times they’ve loaded your website.  First, we should dispense with the obvious…

This site has the latest and greatest information on all things VGT at Dragon Con.  We will post schedules here as well as other useful information for our guests, fans, and anyone else.  Since I assume most of you can read, the menu on the left side of this page is fairly self-explanatory.  We’re efficient like that.  I did, however, ask my wonderful volunteers for some input so that we could fill this site with still more useful information.  I have included their input below.

  • “Dragon Con Video Gaming Track, come for the gaming, stay for… well… the gaming.  You can sleep on Tuesday”
  • “Stay for the volunteers sparkling personalities” (  Click “About Us->The Brute Squad“)
  • “Stay because the Brute Squad is between you and the door.”  (Again… “About Us->The Brute Squad“)
  • “Stay because you misplaced your room key.”  (No sleeping in our track room, seriously, it’s how we invented the Ice Bucket Challenge.)
  • “We have PIE.”